What Matters Most

My husband and I have recently returned from a wonderful long weekend in Nashville. It was a great trip, we saw a lot in the four days we were there. If I had to sum up what Nashville is all about it would be having fun.

The city and the people living in Nashville have that Southern charm and spirit. You feel welcome and comfortable.

Our hotel was located in the downtown core of Nashville, also known as “The District”. We could walk to many places but the walk to Vanderbilt University wasn’t one of them. So, we took a taxi.

We chatted with the driver about where we were from etc. The driver told us he used to lived in Iowa, working in the corporate world as a manager, making good money and working long hours.

At some point he decided that it wasn’t what he wanted out of life.  He moved to Nashville, started driving a cab and spends three months during the winter in Florida.

His life is less complicated and busy. He has time to enjoy what he likes and loves his new life.

As we left the cab, I was struck with how passionate the taxi driver was about his new life and how important the change was for him.

Vanderbilt University is fantastic and the magnolia trees (and all the specimen trees) are amazing. We spent the day wondering through the University grounds, walked over to the Parthenon and toured that magnificent building. We ended up at Hattie Bs for some fantastic Southern BBQ.

We hailed a ride back to our hotel on what they call a “Joy Ride”. It is a golf cart that can go really fast. The driver was a fifty something man with a long ponytail that was braided in the neatest design.

We chatted. He moved to Nashville from Los Angels to enjoy a quieter life after he had suffered a heart attack. Working on his golf cart for tips and helping visitors enjoy what Nashville had to offer was what mattered to him.

I was intrigued that two drivers had both spoke about what mattered most to them.

That night, as I read my novel before going to bed, there was a whole conversation between a couple of the main characters. They were discussing what mattered most…

Clearly there were no coincidences with this topic of what matters most. It was a sign that the Universe was asking me to take some time to contemplate what matters most for me.

I thought to myself that I have never sat down to do that. Ever!

So, I gave myself some reflection time over the past few days to explore and discover what matters most to me.

The list, which is just the beginning, includes:

  • Taking time for self care, whatever that may look like on any given day
  • Being present in the moment and not worrying about what has gone on in the past or what may or may not happen in the future
  • Using my gift of intuition
  • Listening to my heart
  • Saying “yes” to what resonates with my heart and saying a positive “no” to what doesn’t resonate with me
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Making sure work is balanced off with some sort of play time. (This can be a challenge especially if you were raised with the notion of your can’t play until all your work is done…)
  • Letting go of what no longer serves me. This could be beliefs, behaviour patterns or people
  • To laugh everyday
  • To honour my superpower of compassion for myself and others
  • Living a life full of my core desires. Wonder, Empowerment, Magic, Joy and Adventure

My experiences in Nashville have reiterated the importance of living our lives honouring what matters most to us. It helps us stay in alignment with who we are and allows us to live happy, joyful and peaceful lives.

Take some time to think about what matters most to you. Share in the comments if you are moved to do so.


2 thoughts on “What Matters Most

  1. Great question, Helen! And I love how very clear the universe was with you on that point. I’m off to sit in the garden with my journal and do some ruminating.

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