Things You Don’t Know About Me……

DSCN1890Now, for something fun and informative.

1.  I am an aficionado of the sport of curling.  I play, teach and enjoy watching it on television or live.  I have travelled around the world in curling bonspiels.  So much fun.

2.  When I go for my walks, I invariably pick up worms that have strayed onto the sidewalk or gravel paths.  I place them on the soft grass and wish them all the best.

3.  I am an introvert who is often mistaken for an extravert (even by myself up until seven years ago).  A Myers Briggs test clarified that I am in fact an INFP (Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving) personality type.

4.  Self-discovery excites me.  It is a gift to find out things about myself and how I am wired.  It helps me to understand myself better and allows me to authentically show up in the world.  Very empowering!

5. I have a number of Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors and Relations. I call them my Spiritual Support Team and converse with them regularly.  My relatives that have died leave me signs that they are still around.  Items that are meaningful to me when I see them are feathers, coins, shoes, and gloves.

6.  When I see a dead animal on the road, I ask that their Soul be taken to the Blue Road of Spirit.

7.  Since the age of about eight, I have know about my ability as a clairvoyant.  I remember the event clearly.  My family was driving to my Aunt’s house after a day at the beach and I knew something wasn’t “right”.  When we arrived at my Aunt’s house there were burglars ransacking her house.

8.  Last year I took a ten month Paganism 101 course through the Unitarian Church.  I learned all about Paganism & Wicca.  I love the ritual work and the celebrations that follow the Year of the Wheel.

9.  When I need to get out of my own way to find out the truth about a situation, I will pick one of my numerous pendulums or pull cards from my many oracle or tarot decks.

10.  My family went on a year’s trip when I was ten years old.  We spent six months in a fifteen foot trailer travelling around North America then we to the United Kingdom for the remaining six months.  What an adventure!

11.  I love books, stationary and pens.

12.  I have never read the Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Grey or any of the Twilight novels, nor do I intended to.

13.  I was born in a city, moved to a 110 acre farm during my teenage years and came back to the city to attend University.  I have stayed in the city enjoying all that urban centres have to offer and love to experience wide open spaces in the country every chance I get.

14.  I love exploring and discovering new places, people and things.  There is nothing better than going on adventures!

15.  Every June my husband and I travel to the Canadian Shield for a week’s vacation.  Whether it is camping, going to a resort or cottaging, we love to re-energize and decompress on the ancient rocks and big water.  It is our favourite time of year.

16.  The smell of wood or leather is like an elixir for my Soul.  I am sure past life experiences factor into that one.

17.  I am a recovering “People Pleaser”.  Mastering the art of a powerful “no” is on my radar these days.

18.  I enjoy buying and wearing fun hats just cause I can.

19.  Watching the clouds in the sky, the moon phases, sunsets and rainbows reminds me of the awesomeness of the Universe.  It illustrates the magic that is all around us on a daily basis.

20.  My favourite books I have read include the Harry Potter Series and The Outlander Series.  No offence to the rest of the hundreds of books on my bookshelves…..

21.  Blue Herons are a powerful animal totem for me.  When I need a positive sign from the Universe during challenging times, seeing the Blue Heron in flight or in water is just what my Soul needs.

22.  I own no high heel shoes, hardly ever wear make up (only for special social occasions) and dressing casually suits me just fine.  A tomboy at heart?  You bet.

23.  My favourite phrase that I say quietly to myself (especially if I am out in public or in noisy crowds) is “world outside, power within”.

24.   I have been picking up rocks and shells my entire life.  I have dishes of shells in my house as well as rocks and crystals.  I even put hematite crystals in my pockets when I go out in public to keep me grounded.

25.  I do not like brussel sprouts.

What about you?  Have anything cool, off the wall or interesting your would like to share?  Feel free.

11 thoughts on “Things You Don’t Know About Me……

  1. Very interesting. I wish I had known this much about you when we curled together in Denmark!
    BTW I eat almost everything with a knife and fork (including watermelon & pizza 😉

    1. The next Margarita Bonspiel will be in the French Alps on an outdoor rink or in Cortina, Italy, perhaps we can curl together again!! We are going to put an all girls team in again. 😉 Love that you eat everything with a knife and fork especially the watermelon!!

  2. Hi Helen;
    I absolutely love learning about you! Even though being your best friend means I knew this part of you before now! Thanks for sharing with the world! 🙂
    Love, Sheri

  3. Nan Tut always knew if I was telling a fib or if things were not as they should be with people and life. She also seemed to know if something bad or good was going to happen. I believe that you have a part of her in you Helen and this is one reason why you have all your wonderful

    1. Thanks for the insight about Nana Tut. I never knew she was clairvoyant or had great intuitive abilities. Perhaps it is in our genes. Love ya cuz!

  4. I enjoyed getting to know you today, Helen. Thank you!
    P.S. I’ve never worn a pair of heels either and make up is something I have never mastered though I do try mascara and some lip color from time to time. Ha, ha, my husband calls it war paint.

  5. Hello Helen!

    Thank you for sharing yourself, I feel your sensitivity and joyfulness. I love Harry Potter, have a collection of oracle decks, get excited by self discovery and love wearing hats too… though mine are more serious!

    You’ve inspired me to spill the beans on my blog… xx

  6. That’s a fab list! I also have a ‘thing’ about herons (not sure if they’re blue ones though?) and associate them with my grandfather’s passing – so when I see one, it’s always him!

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