The Spirit Whisperer

The soft wind blows, singing a song of long ago.
A familiar melody of a 1000 lifetimes swirls about me
as I walk in the cool afternoon breeze.
The whole world is chattering and singing their individual songs.
Could this melody be my song? Where does it come from?
A soft voice calls my name, it is my heart speaking to my Spirit.
To be quiet is difficult with all the constant chatter in my mind.
I stop and listen, the chatter fades and an
exquisite soft voice speaks to me.
“Little one, it is time for you to step into all that you are and can be.
You have never been alone, I have always been here for you.”
“Now is the time for you to look inwards for your truth, let your
inner guidance create the life you want.”
“Your inner wisdom is great indeed.
It will lead you to limitless possibilities.”
“Trust, believe, and know that all is as it should be.”
“Listen for that soft voice calling you to action.”
“It is your Spirit Whisperer singing your soul’s song.”

Helen Garside March 2011

The Spirit Whisperer

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