The Joys of Fall

The winds are growing cooler as Autumn descends upon us. The sun’s shining rays of light are not as prevalent as they were during the summer months.

There is an energy in the air that things are winding down. The dog sleeps more and isn’t as interested in getting up at six in the morning to eat her breakfast.

The cool evenings leave such a heavy dew that it feels like it has rained during the night. Change is in the air.

The canvas that we looked at all summer is changing before our eyes. As if by magic the leaves have started to change colour and fall to the ground.

They are shedding what no longer will serve them as they transition into the winter months.

Autumn is a time for us to let things, that no longer serve our highest and best good, fall away.
To each of us this may mean something different. It could be the letting go of the clutter that we have in our lives and homes, extra weight we are carrying, or emotions and beliefs that no longer serve us.

During the Fall we have the opportunity to look at our lives and make conscious choices on what we want to release. To let whatever it is fall away like the leaves from the trees.

Taking time to be in rhythm with the season will allow you to feel better on a physical, emotional and Spiritual level.

Be in nature. Breath in that cool Autumn air. Allow yourself some time to walk beneath the falling leaves and imagine what you are ready to let go of. Then let it go.

What does that feel like? What is possible now?

Releasing creates space for us to receive what our heart desires. What does your heart desire?

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