It’s the Little Things

Two years ago my Mum came to live with us after my Dad passed away. There have been lots of adjustments and new ways of doing things over the last couple of years. There never seems to be a dull moment……

One of our favourite things to do is to indulge in warm Starbucks Chai Latte. There is something about the warm milk and the spices of the chai that soothes your Soul.

Now we are not talking about the run of the mill Tazo Chai Latte, we are talking about a six pump vente, whole milk, no water, extra hot Tazo Chai Latte.

What a mouth full that is to say when you order a latte and I am happy to report that my local Starbucks baristas know our drink order! They just ask me how many….

Starbucks has become part of our daily routine. At some point during the day I will arrive home with a Chai Latte for Mum.

Her eyes open wide, she has a smile from ear to ear and is so happy and elated that her Chai Latte has been delivered. You can see the joy and hear it in her voice. So appreciative and thankful.

Mum just loves her latte. She tells me it is one of the highlights of her day. Mum will be turning 83 in June and it is such a treat to see her so excited about a spiced, hot cup of milk. The positive and joyous energy that she radiates when she sees that oh so familiar Starbucks cup makes me giggle every time. It makes me think that it the little things that can be so powerful. What little things make a difference in your life?

If you want to share, leave a comment. I would love to read what little things are important to you!

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