Life Changes

Wow, I can’t believe it has been almost four months since I last posted on my blog…………Well, I am here now with a new post and that’s the main thing.

Recently, I was traveling in the car with my 83 year old Mum and the song ‘Dance Again’ by Jennifer Lopez and Pit Bull came on the radio.

I glanced over and my Mum was rock’in out with the music.

She has great rhythm and was having so much fun! I smiled and thought “my, how things have changed”.

On March 17th, 2001 my Mum had a brain bleed while vacationing in Florida. She was rushed to hospital and operated on immediately to relieve the pressure on her brain. The surgeon advised us that ten more minutes and we would have lost her…..

My husband and I received the call that Mum was in intensive care and I flew down to Venice, Florida the next day.

As I entered the ICU I could see my Mum, hooked up to more machines than was imaginable. They had her in a drug induced coma. One side of her head shaved and a plethora of staples covered the scar on her head.

As I approached Mum’s bed, I knew she would be alright. Something, way down in my Soul, knew this to be truth. The question to ponder was ‘What would ‘alright’ look like?’.

My Mum stayed in the ICU for almost fourteen days.

On March 30, 2001 I spent my 40th birthday flying with my Mum in an air ambulance back to Canada. The surgeon advised me that Mum was doing very well and what she needed was a good rehab hospital. The recovery process would be slow but doable.

Mum spent the next five months in hospitals. Her short term memory compromised by the swelling caused by the brain bleed. Physically it was like she had a stroke and mentally she tittered between this world and the next.

The ‘work’ that had to be done by everyone involved was overwhelming but small steps each minute, day, week, and month paid off.

Mum finally came home in August of 2001. Life as we all knew it had changed. We were so grateful and thankful to have Mum out of hospital and doing so well, all things considered.

I call her ‘Our Miracle Mum’.

My Dad became Mum’s full-time caregiver and did an exceptional job. Not an easy task to take on in your early seventies.

In May 2010, my Dad passed away and my Mum came to live with myself, my husband and our dog, Kiwi. Life as we knew it had changed again.

Mum was so dependent on us, we could not leave her alone in a room with out her getting anxious about where we were. Leaving her alone was not an option.

Over the last two and a half years something amazing has happened to my Mum. Quite extraordinary really. A healing of the mind, body and Spirit.

Through Mum’s determination, the courage of her heart and the willingness of her Spirit along with daily tender loving care and encouragement, she has surprised us all.

Mum is able to care for herself (expect for showers) in a number of ways, but most importantly she can be left alone for a day, can get her meals and takes her job of feeding and caring for our dog Kiwi very seriously.

Mum’s memory has improved greatly and we celebrate every time she remembers something. High fives all around!!

Mum loves to do crossword puzzles, fold laundry and puts the clean dishes away from the dishwasher. She loves to knit and last week went alone to her first knitting group at the Senior’s Centre.

She had a blast! What a momentous day indeed!

Our family has been witness to one of the greatest healing journeys imaginable.

My Mum is a living miracle and she amazes me daily. When I think of how far she has come it brings tears to my eyes.

She is an extraordinary example of what can be achieved when you follow your heart and believe in yourself. What taking small focused and clear steps can yield.

Love and deep compassion have been the cornerstones of my Mum’s healing journey. When the limiting beliefs of your mind are taken out of the equation, it is astonishing what you can accomplish.

I am honored to be the Soul Nurturer and catalyst for Mum’s healing journey. Our partnership has helped my Mum overcome incredible odds to have a quality of life no one could have expected eleven years ago.

By creating a self-care program for my Mum and allowing her to try new things and dwell in the possibilities, she has regained an enormous amount of independence, self-worth and confidence.

Everyday is a new adventure and we are learning new meanings of what it is to heal oneself. I am in awe of this women and so proud to call her my Mum.

We are heading out on another road trip this week. The songs will be playing and Mum will be moving to the beat.

My Mum is ‘dancing again’, in her own way. It is magical and inspiring.

Are you ready to dance again? What could you achieve with the right guidance and the sacred safe space to heal? What could be your next step?

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  1. What an amazing story about your Mum! I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad’s passing though. What a blessing for you and your family to have her with you and that she’s doing so well.

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