Kind Words

“Knowledge and powerful insight honed over years of enthusiastic curiosity and desire to understand is what defines Helen for me. With her calm and kind manner she lead me to discover – and often remind me of – my talents and strength I have to offer the world. It has been a great pleasure to work with Helen and her generous spirit over the last couple of years. I am not the woman I was and that’s a good thing!”

Lee Currie, Clarity Coach & Desire Map Facilitator

“Helen is a masterful healer.  Her insights and advice are unbelievably accurate.  Helen has an uncanny way of cutting through the “crap” and getting to the core of the matter, in a firm, yet gentle way.  Her solid foundation in Truth (seeing where you are right now) and Knowing (understanding how bright the future is for you) have helped me move through my life with more momentum and bliss than I ever thought possible.  I am very, very fortunate to have Helen on my team.”

                           Amy McGlinn, CEO, McClinn Marketing Group, Maplewood, New Jersey. 

“Helen is a beautiful gift from the universe to me. Her kind, selfless, humorous and loving guidance has successfully led me to and set me on my life’s path. Working with Helen feels like coming home to the safety and warmth of my favorite place where I am free to explore, question and discover what makes me tick. Learning to live my life from a place of strength instead of fear has empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges. I am well on my way to building the business I was meant to be in.”

                                                                                                           Joan Berberian, Brantford, Ontario.

“I learned during my sessions with Helen that there are things about yourself that you sometimes don’t want to admit and there are feelings that you just don’t want to feel. Helen taught me that admitting and feeling these things area very important part when dealing with your issues and moving forward. Helen would always know the things that were holding me back before I did and she would always somehow guide me into making the discovery myself.”

Jamie Anderson, Events Manager, Easter Seals, Calgary, Alberta.

“Helen is a powerful game changer. She helps to shift you forward in your life and through your issues. Her coaching style is fantastic because it works on many different levels in a non-intimidating manner. This helps you see patterns you would not have noticed by yourself. Helen knows just the right question to ask you, to draw the answers out of you which allows you to begin an honest conversation. She has a great tool box of knowledge coupled with strong intuition to help you heal and transform. I always leave our sessions feeling better then I did when I came in. Thank you Helen for continuing to learn, grow and be of service. Much appreciated!”

Shanta Devi, Owner Orange Turtle Yoga, Oakville, Ontario.

“Helen was integral in assisting me to navigate a particularly difficult life stage. Her guidance was impeccable and she continues to help me chart a progressive course.”

Susan Adams-Wauro, CEO of Pack Leader Pet Services, Oakville.


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