Getting Clear on Clarity

Tybee Island LighthouseI have been in a long winter’s hibernation.  Took some time to be still, to listen, to think and gave myself the space to just be me.

Now that Spring has burst forth, it is time to share what I have experienced, realized and learned during the winter months.  Expect a weekly blog from me as I share my insights and revelations.

For the past month I have been thinking about clarity.

What is so important about clarity?  How does having clarity impact our lives?  If there is a lack of clarity, what happens?

As I thought about these questions and pondered the whole idea of clarity, I realized that clarity can be and is a powerful force in our lives.

Clarity is the key ingredient to manifesting or attracting what we want into our life.  Without it, our lives are like ships being tossed around in high seas with no direction.

Clarity allows us to lift the veils of overwhelm and chaos.  It helps us to discover and explore what next steps may be in order to solve a problem, shift perspectives or make changes.

The possibilities that are available to us increase substantially when we have clarity.

If we don’t take the time to get clear and specific with what we want, desire, expect, need, hope for or long for, there is a wishy washy feeling that permeates through our lives.

This vagueness inhibits our ability to manifest what we want in our lives or it falls short of what we expected.  We then wonder why things aren’t changing for us the way we want them to and we can’t figure out why we are stuck or are tangled up in our own lives.

When we have clear thoughts and feelings about what we want in life, the Universe can help us out in ways we could never imagine.  By creating clarity in our lives we amp up our ability to manifest or attract.

Clarity is the key to:

  • understanding where you are stuck
  • identifying limiting beliefs and letting them go
  • the hidden meaning of events, challenges or problems in your life
  • asking for what you want
  • discovering new ways of being or doing things
  • opening up new possibilities
  • creating momentum in your life
  • creating the life you want on your terms
  • realizing your dreams
  • success 

The whole idea of gaining clarity seems to be such a simple concept and yet, when do you really give yourself the time and space to get clear on anything?

How often do we make decisions and choices on the fly?  When was the last time you stopped to really check in with your heart or your inner wisdom before you made a decision?

It seems like we are making hasty choices and wondering why our lives become a tangled mess.

Taking the time (which may not be long at all) to gain clarity about your values, wants and desires could be the greatest gift you can give to yourself.  If you had five minutes to get clear on something, what would it be?

Clarity is like your own personal lighthouse that illuminates your path.  It guides and directs you on your journey.  Without it you feel lost.

How bright is clarity shining in your life?  If you need help to amp up clarity in your life, please contact me.






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