Finding My Way…

There are times in my life when I feel like I have lost my way and feel way off course.

This usually happens in times when the stressors of life have taken over and I can’t hear my inner voice.

This is not a good place for an introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving type.

The constant chatter of my monkey mind takes over. It sounds like static on a radio, drowning out my inner voice.

The ability to tune in is compromised. I feel disconnected and overwhelm sets in.

I start making decisions or choices that are not based on my heart’s desires but on my ego’s. Those decisions generally don’t turn out for my highest good and I know that I have to take steps to reconnect.

I take a breath, calm myself down and surrender.

With a calmer mind I can tune into the guidance of my inner self. To hear my inner voice. I am able to reconnect to my Soul.

I find the easiest way to do that is by pulling some cards. Whether they are Tarot cards or Oracle cards.

The cards help me get out of my own way and allows me to reconnect to my wise voice within. It provides a way for my inner voice to be heard and helps lift the feeling of overwhelm.

Sometimes I ask the cards to show me what is going on in my life. I keep pulling cards until a kind of story unfolds that helps me understand what is going on. Other times I ask “What do I need to know?” then pull a card or multiple cards.

Whether I am pulling a daily card to provide me with insights for the day or doing a card spread for something that is challenging me, the cards always provide insight and clarity.

Allowing my inner voice to guide me in that moment I pull a card is the important part.

It never ceases to amaze me how accurate the card readings can be and how much clarity is gained. I feel empowered after a reading and am able to determine the corrective measures that will bring my life back on course.

For me, doing card readings is like creating my own type of compass that helps me find my way.

What helps you find your way?




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