Doors I Love!

I have this fascination with doors.  Whenever I am travelling my eyes are on the lookout for interesting doors. For me they represent what is possible. Doors provide me with an incredible sense of discovery when I look at them. My imagination starts to run wild.  Questions about the history of the building, the door, who was the first person to walk through the door, if the door could talk, what tales would it tell…My sense of exploration is amped up when I see doors.



Old, simple, ornate, coloured, wood trim, wood carvings, hinges, cracks, weathering, door knobs, windows, latches, door knockers, size, ornateness, ordinary looking, usage, are all things that draw me to a door.

As I sit here writing this post what is coming to my mind is that what really draws me to doors is their Soul. There is an energy with very old doors that speaks to my heart.

Their history, their age and what they have meant to people over the centuries is what I seem to resonate with me.

I have hundreds of pictures of doors from all over . I have framed and put many on the walls of our home and they provide me with a sense of wonder when I look at them. They remind me of the great adventures I have experienced and the wonderful times with my husband, friends or when I have travelled alone.

DSCN0868Most of the doors I photograph are made of wood. I am amazed at the craftsmanship of the doors, whether they are simple or very ornate doors.  My Grandfather was a master furniture maker.  I know I get my love of wood and appreciation of fine items made from wood from him.

There is something magical about a wooden door…DSCN0737


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