Clarity and New Pathways

DSCN0345Wow, I can hardly believe that it is the middle of August!  So much for posting a blog each week.  I have to giggle at that one…….

There are many reasons why I have not been posting weekly blogs and in the end all that matter is that I am back writing.  Thank goodness!!

So what has been going on in my life over the last three and a half months?  Plenty and at this moment in time I can’t really tell you what specifically.

A whole lot of something and I would say that the something could be called a “re-alignment”.

It was a time for me to do a sort of life audit.  Looking at what was still serving me, what needed to be released, to be recycled and what needed to be trashed.

This audit was applied to all areas of my life.  Physically, emotionally, mentally, Spiritually, in our home and in my business.

I have reworked our gardens, reworked rooms in our house and tackled the files on my computer.  I have spent time really connecting to my business to see what resonates with me now.

Shifts and movement have been taking place everywhere.

Old beliefs, patterns and limitations have been ousted as well as books, cloths, and household items that have out lived their days.

We even had the outdated walkways and patio around our house replaced.  What a difference that made!

It is like I have been creating a clean slate of sorts.  Letting go of stuff that no longer serves me has allowed me to be open to receive and accept things that are for my highest good.

The energy flowing in and around our house feels so much better now.  I have been able to gain more clarity in all areas of my life.

I think that letting go is one of the keys to helping find clarity.  Too much ‘stuff’ just clutters the energy fields as well as my mind.

Things make more sense to me now.  I can see where I need to focus my attention, especially with serving my clients.

What has become clear to me is that my Soul’s desire is to help introverts gain clarity, hope and healing that comes from discovering their essential selves, exploring what it means to be an introvert and to help them thrive in an extroverted culture.

My own journey along this pathway has provided me with an understanding of my authentic self that helps me in ways that I could never have imagined.

Discovering I am an introvert, an INFP according to Myers Briggs, and realizing that I had been trying to be an extrovert all my life (and failing miserably) was a game and life changer for me both personally and professionally.

Gaining the knowledge about living life as an introvert and how that impacts every facet of my life has been such a gift!  Living life on your own terms takes on a whole new meaning when you realize you are an introvert!

I am now ready to share all there is about my experience as an introvert in an extroverted world and what that really means on both a professional and personal level.

Please join me on my new path as we discover and explore the magical, creative and rich world of introverts.










8 thoughts on “Clarity and New Pathways

    1. The connection of the inside and outside pathways has taken on an even bigger meaning! Stay tuned for my next blog!! Glad you enjoyed the blog. 😉

  1. I’m an introvert too Helen! I always thought I was just anti-social and I tried to change it by forcing myself into social situations which drained me and forced me back into my safe seclusion. Of course I thought of it as being a major flaw and hated it. I just took a test and it said I’m an ISTP(an introvert with some extrovert tendencies)? Keep writing! Loving to hear more about it from you and your journey.

    1. Hey Karen,
      What a great day for you! To realize you are an introvert and there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you! That is a banner day. The writing has only begun!! Stay tuned. 😉

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