Have you every been in the situation where you are living your life, thinking about way to much and feeling like a change might be in order then ‘BAM’ out of nowhere something happens.

Some kind of event whether big or small, shifts your reality and causes a change in your circumstances whether personally and/or professionally.

You are taken off guard and are a bit stunned or surprised. You feel like the rug has been pulled from underneath you. Life as you knew it is no more…….

Changes are never what you think they may be, especially when you don’t expect them.  Even if you wanted a change, you sometimes aren’t specific in what you want changed. It is a bit of a shocker when the change occurs and how it happens.

Changes seem to be the Universe’s way of showing us that we have outgrown who or where we are in our lives.  The change or changes force us into the next phase of our Soul’s growth.

Sometimes, you know you need to make a change and the Universe responds by helping us make the changes gently, at our own pace.

If, however, we are resistant to the changes we know we need to make or are blind to changes that are for our highest good, the Universe will get our attention one way or another.

This is usually when you feel blindsided by an event that happens in your life.  You feel like you have been hit so hard it has changed the trajectory of your life and it has.

What you need to realize is that when all is said and done, the change, no matter how heartbreaking it may be, is for your highest good.  It is how your Soul breaks open the cocoon and allows you to transform into the next best version of yourself.

Yes, sometimes is feels devastating and you wonder how you will ever get back on an even keel.  What you need to remember is that you cannot go back, you need to let go of whatever you are holding onto.

Turning back is no longer an option. Moving forward with small steps will help you find your way.

Be gentle and compassionate with yourself.  Allow yourself to explore what the change has brought into your life.

Discover the possibilities and the gifts the change has provided you with.  Sometimes we have to just get into the dirt and sift though it to find the treasure it holds for us.

Change is a constant in our lives.  It is a catalyst that allows us to grow.  As we come to understand the reasons for change we can embrace the changes in our lives and accept that they are part of the human condition.

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