Bursting Forth

It is a gorgeous May day here in Ontario, Canada. I just came back from walking my dog Kiwi (who is now laying stretched out on the floor with a lovely breeze blowing on her belly! What a dog’s life….) and I am amazed at how the world is flourishing with new growth.

The landscape seems to be changing right before my eyes. Hostas that were only peeping out the ground a couple of weeks ago are now about 18 inches high and unfurling themselves. Ready to soak up what feeds their souls. The rain and warm sunshine have been a catalyst for the emergence of plants, trees, shrubs and wildlife. We humans have even started to venture out of our homes to enjoy time outside.

New life is bursting for all over the place. There are an unusual number of butterfly in our area this year. They speak the language of transformation. As I walked along the forest path I wondered about transformation and how this was manifesting itself in people’s lives. It feels like changes and shifts are in the air.

I think about how change is part of the natural cycle of life. As the seasons change so do we. Whether these changes are expected and planned for or are totally unexpected and rock our world.

What I do know for sure is that the changes are for our highest good even though at times we can’t believe that could be true. As time passes it will all make sense and the gifts will be revealed. We have to believe in the magic of divine timing.

Whether you are bursting forth on your own accord or from the Universe’s gentle (or not so gentle) nudges, remember to be gentle with yourself and those around you.

During times of change we need to be so aware of our own self care. What feeds our Soul? Is it the sunshine, time to yourself, gardening, walking with your dog in the forest or on the beach or is it a picnic with your family? Whatever it may be, take the time to nurture your self. Before you know it, you will spread your wings, be riding the warm summer breezes and be living a life that you could have only imagined.

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