A Peak Into My World

IMG_0821I am:  learning to slow down and just be in the moment.  listening to my inner voice and taking guided action.  practicing the art of the polite “no”.  saying “yes” to what feels right for ME and what makes my heart sing.

I have been: overwhelmed in the last few months as I deal with my Mum’s increased dementia.  feeling unprepared as life changes before my eyes.  taking better care of myself.  leaning more into my faith in the Divine Plan.

I am going to: use my gifts as an intuitive to make better choices and decision in my life.  start a more formal Yoga practise.  do more research on paint colours and bookshelf designs for our family room renovation.  sort and organize my photos on iPhoto.  let my creative Spirit soar.

I am reading: The Game of Life & How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn – simple and powerful

I am enjoying: the new curling season.  letting go of what no longer serves me.  the dark Fall nights. epsom salt and lavender oil baths. discovering new things about myself.  writing my morning pages.

Life is: challenging sometimes and these challenges provide me with the opportunity for my Soul to grow and evolve.  a magical journey!



2 thoughts on “A Peak Into My World

    1. Thanks Sue Ann! I am an enneagram 2, “The Helper”, so it is so easy to put myself at the bottom of the care list. Making my self care practices a priority is important and I love taking the baths. Cheers!

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